Clean Up Services & New Businesses

Behind on your bank reconciliations? Haven't gotten the hang of QuickBooks or Xero? I can help you from establishing a new business to finally recording everything from that shoebox. 

I can establish you within an accounting software, work with you on a business specific chart of accounts, and be available to your staff for questions instead of bothering your tax preparer. Rates for clean-up services determined separately.

All Inclusive


I can be your out of office bookkeeper. I can invoice, bill, and maintain your bank and credit card accounts. I will stay up to date on bank reconciliations and credit card statement reconciliations. I will produce financial statements, including balance sheet, income statement and statement of cash flows. I will work with your tax accountant and your payroll processor to make your life easier and help you build a financial success roadmap.


Financial Statements

Right Choice Bookkeeping will be happy to produce financial statements on a quarterly, semi-annually or annual basis, with monthly monitoring of your files for posting accuracy - for the client that can handle their own business volume.

Monthly retainer required.